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Optik Ağlar

Holographic Aberration-Corrected, Rowland and Planar Gratings

Headwall's Aberration Corrected, Rowland Circle, and Planar holographic diffraction gratings are all-originals, never replicated. Our manufacturing processes are optimized to accurately and repeatedly create groove profiles that deliver the highest efficiency and lowest stray light possible. While replication techniques can lower costs, each copy is a degraded copy of predecessor leading to increasing stray light with every new replicate. The advantages of all-original manufacturing are consistency in performance over time, smaller handheld system form factors, up to 150C temperature survivability, fiber matched designs, and fewer optical elements. Our collaborative engineering approach and high-volume manufacturing system means that gratings of virtually any design and groove frequency are possible while meeting cost targets and prototype thru high volume delivery schedules. 

For the UV-VIS-NIR diode lasers, Headwall also produces high-efficiency laser tuning gratings that enable broad tuning ranges and narrow line widths in application specific designs. High-efficiency TM polarization designs typically exceed 90% diffraction efficiency over 50 nm and 100 nm tuning bands. Specialized swept source designs extend to 200 nm and 500 nm bandwidths of mode-hop free tuning. Diffraction efficiency response is exceedingly flat across the spectral band, which allows for the implementation of a single grating design in multiple laser products.

In high power pulsed lasers, Headwall’s pulse compression gratings enable higher peak power and narrower pulse widths for industrial and research laser applications. High intensity pulsed laser applications require higher damage thresholds than traditional replicated gratings can withstand. Headwall’s All-Original Holographic gratings achieve 10X higher damage threshold than similar replicated gratings, and have been tested up to 1.3 W/mm^2 energy densities. Headwall’s pulse compression gratings also exhibit >90% diffraction efficiency. Together, these key characteristics allow our customers to deliver true differentiation for their laser systems.

Our high efficiency TM polarization designs typically exceed 92% diffraction efficiency with superior spatial and spectral uniformity. Specialized near-Littrow designs enable compact stretcher/compressor configurations that use a single grating, instead of multiple gratings and focusing optics. Low absorption construction materials minimize absorption and raise damage thresholds orders of magnitude above replicated gratings.

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