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Headwall’s line of OEM spectrographs and spectrometers are prealigned optical systems that easily integrated to reduce development costs and time-to-market. Systems are available in single- and dual-beam versions and can be configured for any spectral range and application space...from wavelength management to spectroscopic measurement.

The MD5 and MD10 dual-beam spectrometers offer superior, cost-effective performance with a high-throughput, fiber match (f/2.2) input and proprietary ultra low stray light (<10-4) design on a half-inch detector. With over four decades of reliable service, the MD5 features rugged construction and precisely machined components that require no mechanical or optical adjustment. The MD10 is built on these same design concepts and provides a dual beam input over a one inch spectral length on separate detectors. The spectrometers disperse sample and reference spectra simultaneously, a feature that provides the most robust data collection. This saves costs on electronics, number of samples, and provides a real-time reference channel to monitor source/lamp drift.

The core technology in every Headwall spectrometer is the aberration-corrected diffraction grating, which provides exceptionally low stray light, outstanding spectral and spatial resolution, and easy adjustment of wavelength and focus. Many standard and custom grating designs and configurations are available to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Headwall's prototyping platform is the MS10-HR single-beam spectrometer, which is based on aberration-corrected diffractive optics for high resolution, low stray light, high throughput, and excellent spectral imaging. The MS10-HR is cost-effective, versatile and easily customized for application-specific needs. A number of standard grating designs are available for UV-VIS-VISNIR-NIR and longer wavelength applications. Preconfigured for a number of popular linear CCD and PDA detectors, the MS10 platform can handle any spectral prototyping task or can be deployed as an OEM spectral engine. The MS10-HR series is optimized for fiber-matched performance; a SMA fiber input is provided for simple focus adjustment.

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