Headwall Pan & Tilt / Point & Stare

Headwall offers Pan & Tilt and Point & Stare options for its Hyperspec sensors that will be mounted on a mast, on top of a tower, or in a vehicle. Normally, push-broom sensors are deployed aboard airborne platforms or held stationary while products or samples under observation move beneath them. These solutions enable a range of new remote sensing and military/defense applications where fully motorized controls allow for selective viewing of a scene. The Pan & Tilt system is very small, fully weatherized for harsh environments, and provides accurate real-time positioning of the sensor. It also offers continuous pan rotation and internal wiring for payload signals.

Point & Stare sensors provide superior spectral and spatial imaging for military, defense, and homeland security applications in the VNIR spectral region (400nm – 1000nm). The instrument is perfectly suited for applications where stationary deployment of the sensor is crucial. Base protection, border security, vehicle inspection, and perimeter observation are examples. Point & Stare can be mast-mounted or vehicle-mounted, and its surveillance perimeter is outstanding thanks to the wide field-of-view characteristic of all Headwall Hyperspec sensors. The sensor also features wavelength-selectable hyperspectral scanning options, an embedded image processor for data management and high-speed system throughput, automated adjustable focus, and internal calibration standards for wavelength accuracy and measurement integrity.

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