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Recycling Solutions

We offer customized solutions using hyperspectral, 3D imaging and industrial robotic technologies to enhance efficiency in recycling processes and support environmental sustainability.

Our Recycling Solutions are designed to help optimize waste management, facilitate more effective sorting of recyclable materials, and improve recovery processes.

Our AI and hyperspectral imaging boosted technology allows for precise identification and sorting of recyclable materials based on their unique spectral signatures. By accurately distinguishing between different materials, we ensure efficient recycling and reduce contamination, leading to higher-quality recycled products.

We know that every recycling facility has unique needs and challenges. That is why we offer customized recycling solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you manage municipal waste, industrial scrap, or electronic waste, we have the expertise and technology to optimize your recycling processes.

Our Recycling Solutions include:

  • Robotic waste classification and sorting (plastic, textile, paper, metal, and wood)
  • Detection and extraction of recyclable materials
  • Waste management monitoring and reporting
  • Customized solutions for environmental sustainability

Sample Applications

Hyperspectral imaging enhances recycling by providing comprehensive, accurate, and efficient analysis, leading to improved quality assurance and environmental sustainability.

Sorting Waste Textiles to Separate Cotton Content

Visratek Hyperspectral RecyclingVisratek Hyperspectral Recycling

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